Billiard Leagues

Join one of our pool leagues! Opened in 1982, the Chattanooga Billiard Club has become the home to fun and exciting co-ed billiard league play every week for UBL 8-Ball, APA 8-Ball, and BCA 9-Ball league formats. Leagues are a great way to improve your game and meet new people.

All of our leagues are team leagues so it gives you a great opportunity to build camaraderie. Most of the leagues we run are handicapped for beginner and intermediate players to compete with other players regardless of skill levels.

  • There’s a league for players of all levels including beginners.
  • They’re fun.
  • They’re a great way to meet other pool players.
  • They’re co-ed.
  • They’re inexpensive.
  • The prizes are great.
  • Joining is easy, whether it is just you or if you have a whole team, just call 423-499-3883