Play Great Pool Clinic

November 2nd & 3rd, 2024

(10am to 5pm)

110 Jordan Drive, Chattanooga, TN

Join Pool Legends Mark Wilson and Nick Varner
for 2 Full Days of Intensive Training

If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, you do not want to miss this opportunity. Everyone, regardless of their level, will improve their game, over a wide range of aspects.

The cost is $400 per student and space is strictly limited to the first 14 participants.  If you have any hesitation, a 100% money back guarantee assures your complete satisfaction. Sign up now to reserve your spot. Now is the time to make an investment in the future of your game.

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For Any Questions, Call or Text: Mark Wilson @ (618)540-2182 or Phil Windham @ (423)802-5045

Play Great Pool Clinic

  • High Def Video Analysis
  • Mental Approach
  • Written Diagnosis
  • Kicking, Banking & Spin Shots
  • Stroke Blueprinting
  • Elevated Cue Shots
  • Troubleshooting Stroke
  • Mechanics
  • Safety Strategy
  • Power Break
  • Radar Analysis
  • Productive Thought Patterns
  • How Professionals Play Position

This is not a “Fantasy Camp” so be rested and prepared for each training day. The structure is intense, rigorous, filled with information, and the associated training exercises. Each aspect is explained and demonstrated in science, physics, and the associated bio-mechanics. The specific exercises are then presented. You will get check points and troubleshooting concepts also. This is a thorough and complete package of how to teach yourself.

These groups are for enthusiastic players who are defined as chronic overachievers that pursue excellence and have a strong work ethic. They add a positive “can do” culture from their discipline and respect for Billiards as a port that is sincerely refreshing and inspiring.

Our small groups generate a positive pool culture as we become a team. We insist on leadership and great core values, everyone is helping and encouraging each other and the synergy produces maximum progress impact beyond what a private lesson can produce.

Nobody masters any aspect, but everyone learns to teach themselves while understanding improving the entire sport. We all work very hard yet have fun as well.

Payment Methods: Send payment of $400 via PayPal (Preferred) using the Pay Now button below or if local, pay at the Chattanooga Billiard Club’s Pro Shop

Spots will fill quickly, so do not hesitate, or you may find yourself waiting for the next clinic and playing against someone who didn’t wait.

Play Great Pool Clinic

Mark Wilson

A billiards instructor and coach for over 35 years and a professional player, Mark is one of the top shooters in the states and has been ranked in the top 25 in the World. From 2014 to 2016, Mark was captain of the USA Mosconi Cup team, as well as a 2-time player. He also coached many of the sport’s top players including Jeanette Lee, Ewa Laurance, Sarah Rousey, Gerda Hofstetter, and Karen Corr. Mark is also author of Play Great Pool, widely acknowledged as the definitive guide for pool players.

Nick Varner

Nick is an 8-time World Champion, including 8-Ball, One-Pocket, Two Straight Pool, and an amazing Four 9- Ball World Championships, and he is a 2-time U.S. Open Champion. Varner was named “Player of the Year” in 1980, 1989 and 1994 and was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame in 1992. A living legend in pocket billiards, Nick Varner has become one of the sport’s most popular and soughtafter celebrities.

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